Welcome to the Fake Society!

A society set up to test all the inner workers of the website.

Somethings may seem out of place or as if they have just been dumped there and, to be honest, they probably have.

Why not check out our welcome video:

Current Committee

President - Jane Doe

Treasurer - John Smith

Secutary - Buzz Lightyear


Please use the contact buttons to reach out to us

Running a Successful Freshers Stall

Freshers is one of the best times to recruit new members and get people buzzing about your society. Have a look through this guide to ensure you have everything covered.

Handover Guidance

This handbook is to help provided a support to committee leaders in handing over the society to new leaders.

Committee Roles

Committee Roles

This handbook is to help provided a short overview to the three main committee roles.

Events Handbook

Events Planning

This handbook is to help provide assistances and ideas surrounding events which your society can host and run.

Event Ideas

Event Ideas

Here is a list of events you as societies could look at running in person and online.


COPY Society Election 2024

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Default Society Election 2023

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Default Society Election 2022

2 posts are up for election.

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