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Trans Awareness Week & Transgender Day of Remembrance

Here at Leeds Beckett, both ourselves at the Students' Union and the university are committed to creating a safe and welcoming university experience for gender-diverse students and staff.


Trans Awareness Week is here, and we are proud to celebrate and support our Trans students and staff who identify both within the gender binary and outside of it! Transgender Awareness week is an annual one-week celebration leading up to Transgender Day of Remembrance (held on 20 November), which memorialises victims of transphobic violence and those who died by suicide.Trans Awareness week and Day of Remembrance are an important time for reflection and community, and to highlight the issues faced by Trans, non-binary and gender diverse people. Now more than ever it is vitally important to support Trans people.

Here at Leeds Beckett, both ourselves at the Students' Union and the university are committed to creating a safe and welcoming university experience for gender-diverse students and staff. We want our staff and students to feel a sense of community and support during their time at Leeds Beckett; this means creating safe and welcoming spaces for making meaningful friendships and connections, ensuring that gender-affirming adjustments are made to university documentation, and providing opportunities for education and awareness to the wider LBU community to learn more about what it means to be a good ally.

Here are just a few ways that Leeds Beckett University and Leeds Beckett SU are helping to provide this to our students and staff:

LGBT+ Student Communities at LBSU

Here at LBSU, we have a wide range of student communities, to allow students who identify within a specific group to discuss issues they face as a community and propose ideas on how they can be tackled, shaping the campaigning agenda of the Students’ Union. We have a student community for students who identify under the wider LGBTQ+ umbrella. Join the LGBT+ Community here.

Grab a pronouns badge

You can grab a pronouns badge for free from the LBSU Welcome Desk. Feel free to wear it on campus to make those around you such as staff and fellow students aware of the correct pronouns to use when addressing you.

Rainbow Rose Forum at LBU

Rainbow Rose Forum is the universities LGBTQ+ Network for matters related to sexual orientation, gender identity and equality and is open and inclusive of all students and staff.

They value intersectionality with other student and staff action groups throughout the university, and have strong links to a network of LGBTQ+ groups in the wider Leeds community and other higher education institutions across Leeds. Get in touch with the forum here.

Student Service support for Trans & Non-Binary students

Students Services can provide a range of support for Leeds Beckett students with Trans and Non-Binary identities, including:

  • Changing your official or 'known as' name, title or gender on your student record
  • Changing your email address and student card
  • Communicating with your academic School with regards to preferred name or pronouns
  • Referral to external and internal organisations for peer support and information
  • Issues around accommodation, wellbeing or any other concerns

Gender Neutral toilets across both campuses

Trans staff and students are entitled to use whichever gendered toilets and facilities they wish to according to their self-identified gender, however for those who prefer to use gender neutral toilets, facilities are available at both city and headingley campus and can be located here:

City Campus:

Portland ground floor: four single toilets in the new Portland entrance
Electric Press x 2 on second floor

Headingley Campus:

James Graham 1st floor: one existing single toilet, room 144A
The Grange ground floor: one existing single toilet, room G04A
Caedmon ground floor: two existing single toilets, rooms G24 and G25

Equality Mental Health Hub

This Mental Health Hub has been developed with our Student Communities, who are committed to developing information and resources which are responsive to the needs of students who identify into their communities. You'll find links like Mindline Trans+ to support here.

Frequently Asked Questions

For those who want to learn more about how to support Trans and Non-Binary people, the university has a list of FAQs over on its website to help with learning. Find them here.

Policies and guidance

The university has a number of policies in place to protect the rights of Trans students and staff whilst studying and working at Leeds Beckett. They also provide guidance for staff members on how to support Trans on non-binary students, all of which can be found here.

We hope you're finding your time at Leeds Beckett inclusive and welcoming, but we know that may not always be the case. If you're having any problems and find yourself in need of support, please get in touch with LBSU at studentvoice@leedsbeckett.ac.uk.