How to post an event on the website

Wondering how to post your upcoming event to the website? It's free so there is no reason not to.


Planning a small event

Running a small scale event couldn’t be easier and should be used with the Events Handbook

A small scale event such as a meet up or social in the Hive or Leeds can be completed in 5 steps and just over 3 weeks.

  • 3 weeks before - Book your space – check out the Toolbox to book SU Spaces.
  • 3 weeks before - Complete your Risk Assessment – your event will not be approved without this.
  • 2 weeks before - Promote the Event – As soon as your event is approved by the SU, advertise it for free on the your SU webpage and your social media.
  • On the Day - Attend your Event – Go and enjoy it!
  • 3 days after - Review the event and plan the next one – A few days after ensure you take time to review what went well and what didn’t so you know where to improve for your next one.

Useful Info

Grant funding is available and can be found on the Society Toolbox under Finance. Applications can take 14 working days to be processed.

The SU website can host tickets for your event and any money made is 100% yours and goes back in your Society Deposit Account! For you to spend on your society.

These timelines are used as a guidance and each event is different meaning more information may be required of you, please allow more time than less to avoid disappointment.


Stock images for your events

The right image can really help your event stand out from the crowd. Here are a few free stock image sites you could use.

Unsplash Pexels Pixabay

Booking a Space

If you want to use an LBSU space for an event, please submit the form below at least 14 working days before the event. This allows us to accommodate the specific requirements of your event.

Space Booking Form

Risk Assessment

You should submit a Risk Assessment at least 7 working days before any event. We must ensure all society members will be safe and that any risks have been identified and minimised.

Risk Assessment Form

External Speakers

If you are planning an event at which you would like an external person(s) to speak, you must complete an External Speaker Form at least 14 working days before the event. All external speakers need to be approved before your event to ensure the safeguarding of you and LBSU.

External Speaker Form

External speakers will be required to complete the External Speaker Form. This must be completed at least 14 working days before the event.

External Speaker Agreement Form

Report an Accident, Incident or Dangerous Occurrence

If you have had any accidents, incidents or injuries that occurred during your society event or activity please complete this form and inform us as soon as possible.

Report an incident

Pizza Order Form

If you have a society event booked with us you can use this form to order Dominos at a discount!

Pizza Form

Personal Accident Cover

If you are an officially recognised LBSU society, you and your society members are covered by the Union's Personal Accident Cover. Please click on the button to see a summary of what is covered.

If you require the full document please email

Accident Cover Summary

Food Preparation
Equipment Hire

Need some equipment for your event? Use the form below.

Equipment Hire Form

Society Payment Requests

All society payments or reimbursements can be made through the Student Groups Finance (SGF) System which can be found on your Society Admin Tools. Below is a short video of how to access and use SGF.

Please note you must have the funds available to be reimbursed from either the society's Deposit or Grant Account.

Accessing and Using SGF

Student Union Activities Fund (SUAF)

The Students' Union Activities Fund (SUAF) is a grant from LBSU to help support you in the running of events. We highly recommend reading the Student Activities Fund Guidance before applying to understand what we can and can't fund.

You must have had an approved application to spend this money.

Student Union Activities Fund Application

Check out the infographics below for a breakdown of how the funding has been spent in previous years.

2022-23 2021-22

Understanding Your Accounts

As a Society you have two accounts which are looked after for you by the SU.

Deposit – This account holds money which, as a society you have acquired or raised through things including membership fees, ticket sales for an event or merchandise sales. This money is unrestricted and can be spent on things that will benefit your society membership base and can also help cover cost of deposits for End of Year parties. Funds in this account roll over year to year.

If you want to understand how much is in your account please email

All funds regarding your society must be held by the SU. External bank accounts to hold society funds is against SU Bye Laws and could result in the closure of your society. Please contact to arrange transferring funds into your account.

Grant – This account holds money which has been applied for through the Student Union Activities Fund (SUAF). The money in this account can only be spent on what it has been applied for and must be applied for before spending (not retrospective applications). Funds in this account are recouped one month after your event is completed.

Committee Leaders' Training

This is compulsory training which must be completed by all society committee members.

Please ensure you fill out the completion form at the end and receive a confirmation email otherwise you will not appear on the system.

Start Committee Leaders' Training

Social Media

Are you looking at improving your online engagement and how to reach out to your members through social media? Check out this detailed video about social media platforms and how.

Social Media Tips for Societies

Beckett Careers

Watch this detailed talk about how Beckett Careers can help support your society and ensure the work you do doesn’t go unnoticed by future employers.


Society Governance

Please find links to the Society Code of Conduct and an blank example of the Society Constitution.

Society Code of Conduct

Society Constitution

These handbooks are designed to help you understand the roles and responsibilities and provide support to you and your society. If you have any suggestions for new handbooks or how to improve existing ones please get in touch.

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Handover Guidance

Events Handbook

Events Planning

Event Ideas

Event Ideas

Committee Roles

Committee Roles


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