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Your SU is changing

LBSU is launching a brand-new strategy that is truly student-focused and represents the wants and needs of our students!


Your Students’ Union is changing! We listened to you and heard your calls for more student jobs, leadership opportunities and communities on campus. We’re launching a brand-new strategy that is genuinely student-focused and represents the wants and needs of our students!  

We know that many students have faced barriers preventing them from engaging with the SU – whether that’s juggling work and studies, childcaring responsibilities or living far from uni. Our goal is to make sure that LBSU is accessible to every student by creating more opportunities to get involved, and that every student community at Beckett has democratic power to shape our direction. 

We’ve spent the last year researching and talking to students about what they’d like our priorities to be here at LBSU.  

From focus groups to diary studies and lots of conversations with students, we know we need to make some big changes to serve you the best we can. Thanks to the Big Student Survey, we heard from over 3,300 students about your experience at Beckett. Thanks to the survey and your input, we were able to collect really insightful data that has informed our new strategy.  

From our research and your input, we have been able to create these four core missions: 


Fight to ensure the basic needs of every student are met 

Our students deserve to have their basic needs met and we know that without this, students cannot complete their degree. We’re here to advocate for you and ensure you can make the most of your time studying at Leeds Beckett! 


Provide communities for every Beckett student to feel they belong 

We know students can’t form communities all on their own, and students who make friends at university are more likely to complete their studies. We’re here to help connect students and provide you with the tools to show you what’s possible when meaningful communities work together to create lasting social change!  


Work to improve the study conditions to enable Beckett students to succeed 

We know students are facing financial pressures and timetabling, teaching methods and assessment and regulations aren’t working for you. Every Leeds Beckett student is here to gain an education, and as an educational charity, we’re here to support you! 


Create opportunities for Beckett students to develop and progress 

Our students want, need and deserve the skills to thrive after university, and we know that the ‘full’ student experience requires opportunities in and beyond the curriculum. As a civic institution, we also want our students to be empowered to confidently be a part of civil society. At LBSU, we want to be a genuinely student-centered organization that fosters a sense of pride in Beckett amongst our students.  


We are excited to start this work and collaborate with student leaders, students involved in the Students’ Union, our members like you and our staff team. We’re looking forward to starting this work in July when our new team of student leaders begin their term. If you don’t have time to get involved, don’t worry! We’ll be regularly updating you on our progress. Keep an eye on our website and social channels for more updates, student jobs and opportunities to get involved in this work!