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Your Student Officers' Term 1 achievements

It's been a busy year for your Student Officer team! Read our article to find out some of their achievements so far.

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It’s been a busy year so far for your Student Officer team so far! They’ve welcomed new students to Leeds Beckett, led important projects and campaigns across campus and put on lots of events for students to enjoy. Here are some of their top achievements from Term 1:  

Dhruv, your Students' Union President 

  • Worked on improving faith and prayer spaces on campus 

  • Celebrated diverse cultural festivals on campus, like Nigerian and Indian Independence Days 

  • Increased sustainability efforts on campus by adding a vegan option at Breakfast Bite, our pay as you feel breakfast pop-up event every Thursday 

  • Worked with the uni to increase free shuttle bus frequency between campuses for students 

  • Introduced a special menu at The Hive by partnering with local restaurants to serve curries 

  • Joined the Wonkhe European Study tour in the Baltics to learn from HE organisations in other countries 

Silas, your Academic Experience Officer? 

  • Increased awareness of cost-of-living support for students 

  • Elevated the Students' Union presence at conferences and events 

  • Worked with the uni to offer better graduate prospects for students 

  • Established a graduate and peer mentorship programme 

  • Built a sense of belonging on campus with cultural events 

  • Planning Eureka, an event for student entrepreneurs? 

Harsh, your Activities and Events Officer 

  • Hosted a Desi Night and Garba celebrations 

  • Partnered with the Athletic Union (AU) to provide affordable spaces for student groups 

  • Created and hosted a series of networking events on campus called Chai & Chit Chat 

  • Worked with Unipol to share important housing information with our students 

  • Hosted Diwali celebrations for hundreds of students in The Hive 

  • Organised and hosted the Winter Freshers Party during Winter Freshers 

Blessing, your Welfare Officer 

  • Hosted a series of stress-busting events to promote student wellbeing 

  • Connected university wellbeing services with Students' Union activities 

  • Raised awareness on drug use and alcohol consumption  

  • Worked with the Advice Service and Unipol to share important housing information 

  • Taught our staff at The Hive her recipe for Nigerian Jollof rice. It's now a favourite on our menu!? 

If you want to find out more about your elected Student Leaders over on our website here and you can get in touch and find out more about the Officers’ work on social media @LBSUofficers.