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Your 2023-24 officers' achievements

As we wrap up the year, it's time to look back on all the amazing things your 2023-24 Officer Team achieved!


It's almost the end of the term for our 2023-24 officer team! Throughout the year, the officers have led campaigns and events, worked on important issues and made a big difference to students here at Beckett! As they prepare to wrap up their year in office, here are some of the officers' top achievements from the past year:


  • Promoted cost-of-living campaigns and organised activities with the support of LBSU Advice service and the University’s Money Team during Financial Literacy Week and National Student Money Week
  • Hosted Nigerian Independence Day on campus
  • Elevated the SU profile and spoke on student needs at conferences like the Wonkhe’s Festival of Higher Education 2023, UKCISA Fest 2023, NUS Northern SU Conference, and HUSU Northern Student Voice Conference
  • Worked to elevate graduate prospects for non-EU students through major policy wins
  • Built a sense of belonging by facilitating the celebration of cross-cultural events like the Indian Independence Day, Nigerian National Day, and Black History Month
  • Promoted the student voice at the University on boards, committees, forums, and Developmental Course Reviews
  • Co-chaired the Community Organising Core Team to promote campaigns for student bus fares across West Yorkshire and better time tabling experience
  • Worked with the library to host Read & Sip events during Black History Month
  • Led and hosted Eureka, our first ''Dragons' Den'' type event, to empower entrepreneurs at Beckett
  • Facilitated the creation of student-led projects like; the Student Media – Beckett on Air and Eureka
  • Co-facilitated the creation of the Student Peer Mentorship Program to work side by side with the new community organising strategy
  • Supported hundreds of students with academic integrity-related matters
  • Supported the staff team to recruit new student community organisers for continuity


  • Led a Stressbusting 2.0 event for University Mental Health Day to promote relaxing between lectures and student wellbeing
  • Led on GOATing events on campus, like the Officers’ Valentine’s Day event
  • Worked with Tracey and the team at The Hive to add Nigerian jollof rice on the menu and sold out in less than a week of the first release
  • Hosted Nigerian Independence Day on campus
  • Created housing campaign videos to help students with visual content on housing issues, as well as working with the Advice Service and Unipol to share important information with students
  • Worked on connecting University wellbeing services with the union's activities
  • Raised awareness on the impact of drug use and alcohol consumption
  • Worked on improving faith spaces on both campus
  • Supported lots of students on academic issues, housing issues and income (school fees) issues
  • Supported the university’s wellbeing team to recruit a mental health practitioner
  • Worked as a core team member in various community organising groups like bus campaigns, timetabling working group and housing campaigns across the university and West Yorkshire
  • Interviewed landlords for Unipol's 'Rate Your Landlord' award


  • Worked with Student Community Organisers to campaign to extend the student bus fare to all areas of Leeds as part of a buses campaign to a city-wide alliance of organisations.
  • Worked on improving faith and prayer spaces on campus
  • Celebrated diverse cultural festivals on campus, like Nigerian and Indian Independence Days
  • Supported Harsh with delivering our gathering and celebration for Diwali
  • Increased sustainability efforts on campus by adding vegan options at Breakfast Bite, our pay as you feel breakfast pop-up event every Thursday
  • Worked with the University to increase free shuttle bus frequency between campuses for students
  • Introduced a special menu at The Hive by partnering with local restaurants to serve curries
  • Joined the Wonkhe European Study tour in the Baltics to learn from HE organisations in other countries


  • Promoted Leeds Varsity to the wider student community, including attending the Varsity press day at Headingley Stadium to create content
  • Led and hosted a Diwali night that attracted large numbers of students and the Vice Chancellor even attended!
  • Led and hosted a Desi Night and Garba celebrations
  • Organised screenings with INSA Society of important matches of the Cricket World Cup
  • Partnered with the Athletic Union (AU) to provide affordable bookable spaces for student groups
  • Created and hosted a series of networking events on campus called Chai & Chit Chat
  • Worked with the SU to add a special menu at The Hive by partnering with local restaurants to serve curries
  • Organised and hosted the Winter Freshers Party during Winter Freshers
  • Worked with University staff to ensure that graduates that have left the UK get their physical degree 

Thanks so much for all your hard work over the last academic year!