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Five reasons why you should vote in the Leadership Elections

It’s nearly time to pick your 2023/2024 Student Officers! To get you thinking about elections, check out our top five reasons you should use your vote this year.


It’s nearly time to pick your 2023/2024 Student Officers! 

The candidates with the most votes are elected to represent their peers, whether that be as a full-time Officer leading the Students' Union or as a delegate to the NUS National Conference. These roles include the Students’ Union President, Academic Experience Officer, Welfare Officer, and Activities & Events Officer. 

These are big roles with big impact on your university experience. To get you thinking about elections, here are our top five reasons you should use your vote this year: 

1. To make sure you have someone to represent you 

Student Officers are chosen by other students – this means the diversity of the team is dependent on you! Leeds Beckett has a diverse group of students from every background with different interests. The best way to make sure you are represented at Leeds Beckett is to vote for someone with policies you support. 

2. To work towards real changes  

Our Student Officers are there to make sure the University is supporting all students the best they can and to make improvements to your life at Beckett. Over the years, our Student Officers have supported students through the impacts of Covid, campaigned for more gender-neutral toilets on campus, worked with the University to create cost-of-living support, created the Global Ambassador programme to represent the increase in international students, and made many more changes to improve students’ everyday lives. 

3. Because your vote might be the one your candidate needed! 

The Leadership Elections are smaller than most other elections you’ll get the chance to vote in, and scores can be quite tight between candidates. It is much more likely that your vote could be the decider between one person and another – that’s a lot of power!  

4. Because the more people that vote, the more democratic the result 

Since the Officers will be representing the whole student body at Beckett, we want as many votes as possible to make sure we are selecting the best team. The more people we get to vote, the more legitimate the Student Officers will be, and the more capable the team as a whole will be in representing you all. 

5. Finally, because it’s easy to vote! 

This year, voting is easier than ever. There will be on site voting at both City and Headingly campuses – but that isn’t the only way to vote. Voting is as easy as scanning a QR code, with voting supported online. This means all you need to do is scan one of our posters and cast your vote! 

Don’t forget, you can vote in the LBSU Leadership Elections from 09:00 on Monday 6 March 2023.