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Top tips for moving out of your student accommodation

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The weather is finally getting warmer, assessments are out of the way and, for many students, it’s nearly time to move house. Moving into new student accommodation can be incredibly exciting, but it can also be a busy time of the year. Check out our tips to make the move as smooth as possible!  

Barter it!

Wanting to get rid of some our your stuff before the move? Why not try to sell it to make some extra cash? Check out sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Depop and more!

Find a donation bank 

If your street isn’t covered by the blue bag scheme or you’d like to drop off your donations, you can use this map to find your nearest donation and recycling banks. 

Electricals, clothing, household items and books should be donated! While many of your local donation banks take all these items, Unipol have installed four new British Heart Foundation banks to make it even easier to donate instead of throwing away!  

Items like unwanted knives should not be donated. You can, however, take them to Kirkstall or Meanwood recycling centres where they can be safely disposed of in a scrap metal section. Don’t leave them in your garden or street as this may contribute to knife crime.  

Don’t let good food go to waste! If you have leftover food, you can find local food donation points here.

Deal with your waste responsibly  

If you don’t dispose of your rubbish properly, you could land yourself a £200 fine! There’s a black bin collection every week, so if you have additional rubbish, make sure you’re taking advantage of your bins every single week in the run up to moving. 

Remember, only waste that is inside of your bin will be collected. Don’t leave rubbish on the street or next to the side of your bin.  

If you have bulkier items that you need to dispose of, you can drop them off at a recycling centre!  

Get your deposit back   

When you pay your housing deposit to your landlord, they must enter the money into a deposit protection scheme. This must be done within 30 days and your landlord should have provided written evidence that this has been done and information on where your deposit is protected.  

There are three deposit protection schemes in the UK: Deposit Protection Service (DPS)Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) and mydeposits. 

You can check which scheme your deposit is protected with by searching each of the schemes’ websites. To check that your deposit is protected, you will need your postcode, surname, tenancy start date and the deposit amount.   

After your tenancy has ended, your deposit should be released back to you from the designated scheme.  

Get in touch with our Advice Service

If you’re not sure whether your deposit has been protected or you’ve reached the end of your tenancy and the deposit hasn’t been released back to you, you can get in touch with our Advice Service as soon as possible. They can offer free, confidential and independent advice on housing issues, including tenancy agreements and deposits.    

You can reach them via our website . 

Moving In

Check out Unipol's website for more information and resources for moving into your new property! From guidance on changing your address to getting along with your new neighbours, they've got you covered.