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Unlocking Summer Potential: Volunteer in Leeds and Make a Difference While Gaining Valuable Skills

Are you staying in Leeds this summer and looking for a way to spend your time whilst making a difference and gaining new skills?

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Are you staying in Leeds this summer and looking for a way to spend your time whilst making a difference and gaining new skills? Then volunteering might be a great option for you, not only do charities really need extra support over the summer but with less competition from others seeking volunteering roles over the summer you are more likely to secure your first-choice volunteering role.

Do you need volunteering as part of a course requirement for next year? Then start looking for that opportunity in the Summer. Some roles, such as those volunteering with vulnerable service users have longer processes in place such as shortlisting, interviews, background checks, and lengthy training sessions. By doing this in the summer you will have more time to volunteer when term starts again and you can accrue the hours you need. 

Here at Leeds Beckett Students’ Union, we work with over 100 charities and organisations in Leeds. Each opportunity and organisation we work with has been quality checked to ensure that the opportunities that we promote are welcoming, safe, inclusive and provide valuable experiences. Here is what our partner organisations say about why you should volunteer this summer;

“We’ve been grateful to receive a few student volunteers over previous summers, who were volunteering in a variety of different areas, for example marketing, sustainability, and event programming. They have all brought new insights and skills to the organisation that we wouldn’t have without them, which helps us to develop as a community focused organisation.” Open Source Arts https://www.leedsbeckettsu.co.uk/volunteering/organisations/details/59/ 

“We love seeing students over the summer months! Our three FoodCycle projects in Leeds continue to run throughout the summer months, a time of the year where we often see lower numbers of volunteer sign ups. If you are sticking around in Leeds over the summer and love cooking, meeting new people, creating conversation with Leeds locals, or helping to prevent food waste, we have something for you.” Foodcycle  https://www.leedsbeckettsu.co.uk/volunteering/organisations/details/110/ 

Getting Involved

If you're interested in volunteering over the summer in Leeds. Start by checking out our website https://www.leedsbeckettsu.co.uk/volunteering/opportunities/ and filtering by opportunities that align with your interests and values. 

You can search and apply from over 100 volunteering opportunities and hear back from the charity with how to formally apply within a matter of days. You can also log your volunteering hours with us from July- June each year and gain certificates that you can download straight from our website.

  • Bronze Certificate 1 – 25 hours of volunteering
  • Silver Certificate  26- 50 hours of volunteering
  • Gold Certificate  51-75 hours of volunteering
  • Platinum Certificate  76-   99 hours of volunteering
  • Diamond Certificate  100+ hours of volunteering