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Welcome to The Leeds Beckett Sustainability Society.


Our team is passionate about finding ways to live more sustainably. We work alongside other societies and groups to bring together the wider LBU community.


Climate change is the world’s biggest problem, so let's work together one small step at a time to tackle it. And where’s the harm in having fun whilst doing it?


The society is always up to something, from charity work, local events and regular socials to hosting our annual city-wide treasure hunt.


Have an idea or want to join the society? Contact our officers directly or through our social media pages, we would love to have you around!
Social Media 


Instagram - sustainabilitysoc_lbu


TikTok - lbusustainability 


Your Officers 


President - Logan Galley


Secretaries - Tilly Kirby
                   - Niamh Macfarlane


Treasurer - George Scott

Sustainability Society Election 2024

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