Whether you are a complete beginner or already have a passion for dance, Dynamic Dance is the place for you! Our aim is to create a space where anyone and everyone can come together to learn and create choreography to perform in an annual showcase. Here at Dynamic Dance, we don’t strive for perfection or competitiveness but instead enjoyment and creativity.  


We hold classes once a week where over the course of the year we will learn a selection of dances to a theme and at the end of the final semester we will present in a showcase. However, if performing isn’t something you would like, our classes are also available separate from performance. 


Our styles as current include: lyrical, contemporary and modern. However, we are venturing into more styles such as hip-hop, jazz and maybe even salsa. 


Check out our Instagram for more updates and information or contact us via our email (lbudynamicdancesociety@gmail.com) or our Instagram (@lbudynamicdance) 


If you are interested in teaching, give us a message on our Instagram (@lbudynamicdance) 


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