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Convenor Update - October

Yara Vizinho

Women Students' Convenor


I have been settling into my role and have been proactive within the community to develop positive change on issues which affect our community, including equality.

What I’ve been doing …

Freshers Fair: It was great to meet you all, introduce myself and our community! I hope you all got as many freebies as possible… And of course, learned all about the opportunities the Students’ Union offers!

Autism Inclusion Training: Through engaging with autism inclusion training, it allowed me to educate myself on the how complex and misunderstood autism is. I believe that this training will allow me to give greater support and ensure autistic students feel comfortable!

Women’s Safety in Leeds / Drinking awareness: As a community we acknowledge the concerning increasing statistic of spiking/ injection attacks against women in Leeds recently. YOUR safety is our main priority! To benefit the women of Leeds Beckett I have been working alongside Lucy MacDonald, Welfare and Community Officer, to focus on positive sexual well-being and consent.


To read more about Lucy’s campaign read here and fill in this form if you would like to get involved ??


Future Events:


All these events are in support of all our values as a community and through building a strong sense of community amongst us women!

The Women’s community promoted and supported the boycott event which took place on Wednesday 27th October 2021. Women across Leeds organised a city-wide boycott to not attend any clubs or bars to address:

  • Cases of assault, spiking and violence projected against women on nights out
  • The life changing consequences of spiking and the methods used


Follow @girlsnightinleeds_ for more information about the event.


Collaboration with ‘WE OWN IT’ Society

The women’s community and ‘we own it’ society share the same goals and objectives to include all women, share experiences and create an inclusive environment. In collaboration we are releasing a recommended resource!

Things included will be:

  • Top recommended reading list: including books focussing on woman hood and feminism, self- help book and inspirational biographies from key figures.
  • Recommended media: documentaries, films, tv shows, ted talks, YouTube videos


If you have any questions or suggestions my emails are always open ??


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