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Convenor Update - October

Deep Padmani

International Students' Convenor


My Second month as an International Student’s Convenor, October.

Fresher’s Fair: I had attended fresher’s fair for 3 days. I was there to meet with new students and to encourage them to join our LBSU student communities. It was a great experience to engage with many new students every day.

Student Meetings: I have talked with many students both by online chat and face to face. They have shared me their problems with me, including settling in, which can be normal for an international student. I have talked with them and suggested how to find accommodation, part-time jobs, where to buy groceries etc. and I have also shared my personal experiences at University with them. Every week I have talked with many new September intake students regarding their day-to-day life. Many International students arrived in the month of October, so every day I get many more opportunities to talk with them and I talk to as many students as I can.

Autism Awareness Training: I have attended Autism Awareness training hosted by the Academic Experience Officer. It helps me to understand more about autism spectrum disorders and how these affect students. After completion of the training, I got to know how to identify signs of autism and understand I can support an autistic student.

Other activity: I have kept in touch with the Union’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator to discuss my activities and upcoming plans. My next meeting with students is to celebrate Diwali. I missed a couple of meetings due to conflict between the meetings and lectures but yes, I am looking forward for more plans and works in November to make international students’ lives smooth and easy. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I am also learning many things from students as well as our LBSU team. If you are an international student and have any ideas, questions or concerns please contact me!

Thank You.


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