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Convenor Update - March & April

GLOBAL MAJORITY, Community Name Change, #BAMEover, Race Equality Charter Survey

It has been a very busy last two months, between Easter and Passover to Fasting seasons, Mother’s Day to a new month and May Day Bank Holiday!! Fun fact: Maypole dances were an official part of exercise classes or PE for girls between the late 1800s and 1940s in the UK. I say bring back the colourful ribboned dance around a tree on the 1st of May!!! Good news, after a month-long survey, (including hosting a stall) for which I would like to thank everyone in the community for the consultation, debates, discussions, and the name suggestions, I am delighted to formally announce that the community’s name change has been successful!! The acronym BAME was viewed as reductive, launching the #BAMEover campaign countrywide and in my role as Convenor I have been committed to this cause at LBU. We will now be called the GLOBAL MAJORITY COMMUNITY!! In further good news, this has been approved at the last LBSU ‘Have Your Say’ student forum and can be officially incorporated into the byelaws of the student union. Thank you, Ambassadors, for all your contributions too.