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Convenor Update - March & April

Disabled Students' Community Convenor – Role Update: Blog #5&6

Hi everyone! You might have noticed that I have been a bit quieter than normal recently. At the start of March, I caught covid and was really unwell with it. Then, the Easter holidays came which meant I was off again. But I am back and looking forward to seeing what the last few months in this role will look like. As I was off in March, I have decided to join my March and April report together, so read on to find out what I have been up too in the last few months…


Attended a Fortnightly Convenors meeting

Like past meetings, in this meeting we spoke about what all convenors had been up to with and for students and any future plans (I will speak about this later on). One of the main topics of discussions included mental health week, and the plans that the convenors and officers were going to be involved in (this included a stall with Forward Leeds and GamCare charity at city campus, meditation and Students Members Meeting and tote bag designing). I got involved in helping with the stalls which I will speak about in a few points.

Assisted with the ‘Have Your Say’ stall at Headingley Campus

I got involved with helping at one of the SU’s ‘Have Your Say’ stalls. If you haven’t already heard or for a reminder, ‘Have Your Say’ is a platform to make change happen for Leeds Beckett students. It is also a way that students can influence the SU’s priorities for the next academic year. All students can submit  an idea, and any idea that gets over 50 ‘likes’, it will be put forward at the Have Your Say Forum. During this stall, myself and the others who were helping, spoke with students to explain what Have Your Say while also trying to get students to submit ideas and being available for general help and support.

Attended the Have Your Say Forum/Student Members Meeting

Once the ‘Have Your Say’ ideas submissions had closed, all students who submitted an idea (as well as all students who didn’t) were invited to the Have Your Say Forum/students members meeting. As the Disabled Student’s Convenor, I attended this meet to listen to the ideas and share any viewpoints or agree to the ideas that I believed could be beneficial for students (especially students who identify as being disabled).

Assisted with a drug and gambling stall at City Campus

As briefly mentioned in the first point of this report, I assisted and helped with two stalls as part of mental health awareness week. The two organisations that joined were ‘Forward Leeds’ and ‘GamCare charity’. Forward Leeds is a charity that provide free and confidential alcohol and drug support for young people, adults, and their families. GamCare is also a charity, but they provide help and support to any individuals, families and communities who are affected by gambling in Leeds. Through helping with these stalls, I was able to learn about both of these charity’s as well as meeting students with any generic SU questions. Learning about these charities was extremely useful but especially useful if any students were to ever contact me about me either drug or gambling issues.

Attended a mitigation focus group with Leeds Beckett University

I attended a mitigation focus group with Leeds Beckett Universities quality assurance team to hear about their new potential mitigation process for the next semester. The team went through what the new and old processes were as well as going through each stage. I was then asked my opinions on the potential new processes (which I tried to provide as best as I could with students in mind).

Attended an ‘Accelerate’ session about LinkedIn

The Academic Experience Officer Meg Darroch runs a programme for business students called ‘Accelerate’ and I was invited to one of these sessions. The session was led by a careers advisor from Beckett Careers which included an introduction to LinkedIn. I already have an account, but I came away with a long list of tips which I am going to share with the community which will hopefully help any beginners.

Met with an Access Officer from Leeds City Council

I met with an Access Officer from Leeds City Council to discuss potential plans of working together. We specifically spoke about getting students who identify has having a disability to provide support and feedback to the council around potential future plans for public spaces in Leeds and making sure these spaces are accessible as possible. This was the first meet so this is in early stages but there will hopefully be more information coming in the next month around this if this is something that would interest you.

Meeting around #Doitmyway’s resource bank with officer Meg Darroch and the LBSU Marketing Team

As said in my previous reports, myself and Meg are working on expending the #Doitmyway toolkit and are currently working on a resource bank. We have decided this resource bank will go on the SU’s website (along with the #Dotimyway tool kit) and will have loads of helpful resources including things such as studying hacks, home life hacks, and much more! Within these meetings, we discussed how this was going to help students and how we hoped it would look. This will soon be ready to be published and ready to use and when this does happen, we will make sure to advertise this so keep your eyes peeled!

Working on plans for my last month in this position

With the month of May coming next week, this is officially my last month in this role, so I am currently trying to finish any projects that I am currently working on and one in particular is a buddy system for the community. A lot of students in the community expressed interest for being able to meet with others in the community in my survey that I ran last year so I am keen to get working on this and hopefully finish in this last month.

Regular community updates on Teams

As I have been off sick and it has just been the easter holidays, I have not been able to keep up with weekly posts, however, I am continuing to engage with the community as much as possible with any opportunities etc that may be helpful or useful to students in the community.


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this or anything else, please email me on


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