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Track your impact: earn certificates for volunteering with Leeds Beckett Students' Union

Make a difference, track your progress, and earn recognition for your hard work with the volunteering hour tracking feature from Leeds Beckett Students' Union!

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Are you a Leeds Beckett University student who loves giving back to the community? Make your volunteering count with the Leeds Beckett Students' Union website's feature for logging your volunteering hours!

With just a few clicks, you can easily record your volunteering hours and track your progress towards earning a certificate. And the best part? It's completely free!

Earn a Bronze certificate for 1-25 hours of volunteering, a Silver certificate for 26-50 hours, or go for the Gold with 51-75 hours. Want to take it to the next level? Aim for Platinum with 76-99 hours or the coveted Diamond status with 100+ hours of volunteering.

Not only will this feature help you keep track of your volunteering hours, it'll also give you a tangible recognition of your hard work and dedication. Plus, it looks great on your CV and shows potential employers that you're a committed and active member of the community.

So what are you waiting for? Log your hours and earn your certificate today on the Leeds Beckett Students' Union website. Make a difference and be recognized for it!

Log your hours here; https://www.leedsbeckettsu.co.uk/volunteering/hours/ 

Please note; volunteering is time you spend that is unpaid towards supporting a charity or causes that benefit the community. You can also log hours if you are a Society Leader or Course Rep. 

Any questions? Email lbsu-volunteering@leedsbeckett.ac.uk