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How to spruce up your uni accommodation

September is just around the corner, and planning to move into your new housing can be such an exciting time with loads of possibilities. To help you make your new space as cosy as possible, we’ve compiled our top tips for sprucing up your uni house!


September is just around the corner, and for students planning their move to Leeds, this can be such an exciting time! Just as you’d plan what clothes to pack or what supplies you may need for your course, it’s also worth thinking about how you can make your student accommodation feel like your new home away from home. 

Just like clothing and accessories are an outward expression of our identities, home spaces can also be an extension of our personal style. To help you make your new space as cosy as possible, we’ve compiled our top tips for sprucing up your uni house! 

Add some green to your space with plants 

Having some green in your space is a great way to brighten up any flat or house, and plants are a fantastic addition to any student space! You can find the perfect leafy addition to your room – either as big or little as you like. With a wide array of shapes and sizes and levels of care, you can find something that not only suits your space, but that you don’t need a super green thumb to keep alive.  

Whether you want to head out and explore a big garden centre or just pick up a cute little fern from Tesco, there are loads of options out there for all budgets. Plus, when uni life gets stressful, having a plant to look after can help remind you to take care of yourself too! Everyone needs a little water and sunshine, after all.  

Decorate with postcards and paper bits  

Saving some postcards from your travels or paper bits, like train tickets, to decorate a notice board is an easy and affordable way to make your space feel more personal!  

Whether it’s a sweet note from a friend from back home or a postcard from that day trip to London, you’ll have lots of your favourite memories within easy reach. 

Add some soft lighting 

Student accommodation can have some terrible lighting – from harsh overhead lights to lack of windows, and more. Don’t worry, less than ideal lighting is absolutely fixable!  

To remedy this try picking up one or two cheap little lamps and placing them around the space to create sanctuaries of warm glowing light. This should help to balance out harsh overhead lights. Smaller lamps or fairy lights are great for creating a more mellow, relaxing space.  

Put up your favourite photos  

Just like having postcards and other little bits on display can remind you of treasured memories, photos are a great way to keep your loved ones or favourite places close by. 

With loads of apps to order cheap photo prints from, it’s an easy and budget-friendly way to make your place feel more like you!  

Bring a piece of home (away from uni) with you

Moving to a new space can feel a bit disorientating at first, and tt can be easy to feel separated from your family and home away from uni. Picking a few key things from your old bedroom to integrate into your new uni space is a great way to pay homage to the place ‘back home’ without treating it like a childhood bedroom. Do you have a favourite blanket or plush that makes you feel cosy? Why not bring it with you to make your space feel more like home!