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The Freshers’ guide to uni essentials

We’ve compiled a list of must-have items to spruce up your space and make your move into student accommodation smooth and comfortable!


Congratulations! You’ve gotten your results, secured your place at uni and you’re just about to take the leap into student life.  

Your university accommodation will soon become your home away from home, but with all the excitement, it’s easy to forget things. To help, we’ve compiled a list of must-have items to spruce up your space and make your move smooth and comfortable! 

1. Cozy Comforts

Transform your room into a cozy haven by bringing soft throws, cushions, and your favorite bedding. This will help you create a serene space where you can unwind after a busy day of lectures and activities! 

2. Kitchen Essentials

Stock up on basic cooking utensils, microwave-safe containers and a kettle for those late-night study sessions. Plus, grabbing a few essential ingredients will let you whip up quick and nutritious meals when you're short on time. 

3. Personal Touches

Bringing some postcards or photos to decorate a noticeboard is an easy and affordable way to make your space feel more personal!  Plus, surrounding yourself with familiar items will help you settle in and feel more connected to your new environment. 

4. Study Nook Bits

Set up a dedicated study area with essentials like a desk lamp, notebooks, stationery, and a comfortable chair. A well-organized workspace can really help you boost your productivity and focus. 

5. Cleaning Supplies

Keep your space tidy and fresh by packing cleaning supplies like disinfectant wipes, dish soap, a broom and a dustpan. We know this isn’t the most exciting thing to add to the list, but it will be a huge help!  

6. Tech Gear

Don't forget your laptop, chargers, power banks and any other gadgets you’ll need for your studies. Whether it’s your laptop or your favourite pair of headphones, packing these is an absolute must.  

7. Medicines and a Starter First Aid Kit

Create a small first aid kit with essentials like pain relievers, tissues, cold medicine, band-aids and any prescribed medications. Having some essentials already on hand can help you stay ahead of Freshers Flu!  

8. Laundry Essentials

Make laundry day a breeze by bringing detergent, laundry bags and dryer sheets. You'll appreciate having clean clothes without the hassle of searching for supplies. 

9. Snack Stash

Stock up on your favorite snacks and drinks to fuel your late-night study sessions or satisfy sudden snack cravings. A well-stocked snack corner will keep you energized and motivated – and it isn’t bad for making friends in halls either!  

10. Social Supplies

Foster a sense of community by packing board games, playing cards or any group activity that can help you bond with your new friends and neighbors. 

As you embark on this exciting new chapter, remember that your student accommodation is your haven and your basecamp for countless adventures. By packing these essentials, you're not just decorating your room – you're creating a space that reflects your personality, supports your goals and nurtures your well-being. 

So, make your packing list, check it twice, and get ready to embrace all the exciting moments that uni life has in store!