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What are the Leadership Elections?

Your Students’ Union is run by and for you, and the Leadership Elections are a huge step in that process. But what are the Leadership Elections actually and why are they a big deal?


The Leadership Elections are right around the corner and campaigning season is about to be in full swing! Soon you may spot students putting up posters, candidates campaigning across campus and on social media, and everyone from lecturers to Beckett Bear reminding you to vote. But what are the Leadership Elections actually and why are they a big deal?  

Your Students’ Union is run by and for you and the Leadership Elections are a huge step in that process. During the Leadership Elections, students vote on who they want to represent them for the next year!  

What are the Leadership Elections? 

The Leadership Elections are how the student body democratically elect their student representatives, both in the form of the Student Officer Team and the delegates that will attend the National Union of Students (NUS) Conference.  

Any student is eligible to run either as an NUS Delegate or as a Student Officer. Elected Student Officers will either take a year out of their studies to work full-time or take up the role as a graduate position.  

LBSU represents the entire student body here at Leeds Beckett and we need you to choose the students that you want to represent you!  

 What does the election involve?  

Candidates will campaign to win your vote and convince you that they are the best person for the job. You’ll start to see lots of active campaigning soon – from social media messages to banners and posters around campus, and more.  

Candidates will also outline their policies and positions in a manifesto so that you can easily see what platforms the candidates are campaigning on. All these things will help you to decide who you’d like to vote for!  

What does the Student Officer Team do?  

The Student Officer Team represents Leeds Beckett students both on a local and national level. They lobby for your interests in University spaces and work on local and national campaigns on student issues, including everything from student welfare, education, sustainability and beyond.  

Each Student Officer role has different responsibilities, but they all work together to make positive change and improve the lives of students here at LBU. 

What positions are up for grabs?  

There are five roles available in the upcoming Leadership Elections: one SU President, one Academic Experience Officer, one Welfare Officer, one Activities & Events Officer, and seven NUS Delegates.  

The Student Officer roles are full-time positions, and the successful candidates will take up their posts in July and represent the student body until the next academic year. 

NUS Delegates will represent LBU students at the NUS Conference and elect the national NUS leaders, scrutinise the work of the NUS, and help influence which campaigns and priorities should be focused on.  

Why should I vote?  

Voting in the Leadership Elections ensures that your voice is heard! By casting your vote for your favourite candidates, you’re helping make sure that LBSU is led by the strongest team possible and by a team that reflects your priorities.  

By voting for the candidate whose policies you support the most, you can also help to ensure that your student representatives reflect the diversity of the student body. 

The Leadership Elections at LBSU are also one of the smaller elections you will have the opportunity to vote in and that means your vote could be the difference between a candidate winning or losing!  

How can I vote?  

It’s easier than ever to vote – you can either cast your vote on campus at our polling stations or head over to our website! Simple!  

For more information on the Leadership Elections, candidates, and voting you can head over to our Leadership Elections webpage