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The Importance of Student Voice with Hannah Moffatt

Find our what Hannah has been up to in semester one, and her plans for the rest of this academic year.

Academic Representation
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Engaging Students with LBSU

In my role as a Student Academic Experience Officer at the university during Semester 1, I have been actively engaged in various activities aimed at enhancing the overall academic experience for students.

One of the highlights of Semester 1 has been my participation in training programs organized by Citizens UK. These sessions have proven to be invaluable for both personal and professional development. The training not only equipped me with essential skills but also served as a platform for team building among staff working together to improve the student experience. The interactive nature of the training sessions facilitated a deeper understanding of each other's roles and responsibilities, creating a cohesive and collaborative team environment.

During the initial weeks of the semester, I actively participated in the Freshers Fair, where my primary responsibility was to support the sign-up of course representatives. This involved engaging with students, explaining the role of a course rep, and encouraging them to sign up. Subsequently, I led training sessions for these newly recruited course reps, playing a pivotal role in onboarding, preparing them for their responsibilities and signposting them to any additional training and CPD opportunities they may have. We successfully recruited almost 1000 course representatives in Semester 1. This significant achievement ensures there is comprehensive representation across all schools in the university.

I took on the role of Chair for the School Forum for Humanities and Social Sciences during this semester. This position involves actively receiving feedback from course representatives across the school, ensuring that the voices of students are heard and considered. The feedback received has been invaluable in identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes that directly address the concerns of the students enrolled at the university.


Course-Based Placements

In addition, I have undertaken a personal project focused on gathering information from students in schools with a placement element. This project primarily targets schools associated with Business, Health, Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The objective is to collect feedback on the university's placement experiences, identify areas of success, and explore potential areas for improvement.

By collating this information, I aim to provide valuable insights that can inform future decisions regarding placements during semester two, ensuring that students across various disciplines have positive and enriching experiences. This project reflects my commitment to enhancing the academic and the practical aspects of the student experience.