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Managing stress at uni

University can be some of the best times in peoples’ lives, but it can be overwhelming too. Here are some of our top tips for keeping on top of uni stress!


University can be some of the best times in peoples’ lives! You get to meet new friends, join societies, go out and experience Leeds nightlife, and, of course, earn your degree. Despite all the highs, there can be times at uni when stress takes over and it can all feel like too much. Here at the Students’ Union, we want to make sure you have as much support as possible to help ensure you have a happy experience and achieve the degree you’ve worked so hard for!

Stress can come from several different avenues at university – whether it’s navigating student housing, living independently for the very first time, making new friends, money or the pressures of studying.

De-stress housing

While living in halls can be a daunting experience for new students, finding and moving into student housing for second-years and onwards bring its own challenges and stressors. You have to be far more independent and aware of letting agents and their reviews. Because there’s such a large number of student houses in Leeds and a large number of letting agencies, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re happy with your agent and housing contract before signing a contract.

Unipol, a local Leeds housing charity, is a great resource that provides student housing and advice for students on the house hunt. You can find out more about Unipol and browse their website here. Our Advice Service here at LBSU is also a great resource if you need housing advice! Whether you have questions about your tenancy agreement or are having trouble getting your deposit back, you can get in touch with our Advice Service for free, independent and confidential advice here.

Manage your money

Money can be another large factor when it comes to stress at uni, especially in the current Cost-of-Living Crisis. If you’re lucky enough to have a good maintenance loan, a job or other support, this can help ease money stress. However, for those who are on tighter budgets or need more help managing their money, there’s support on campus! The Students’ Union Advice Service can give financial advice and even point you in the right direction of other support services. They know about all the available grants and how financial aid works. You can get in touch here for free, confidential and independent advice!

If you’re looking for a job, Leeds is a great place as it’s such a large, cultural city that’s full of busy shops and restaurants that hire students. This is great if you’re living in the centre of town and looking for something local or close to the University. Check out our top tips for finding a part-time job at uni here.

Stay on top of your course

Learning to deal with the stress that comes with your course can also be a real challenge. Some courses may create more stress than others, whether that’s a busier timetable, having more assignments or wrestling with a packed syllabus. If there’s something about your course that you’d like to see changed, the Students’ Union is the place to make your voice heard!  You can get in touch with your Course Reps or even SARAs to have a chat about what you’d like to see changed. You can find out more about our Course Reps and SARAs here.

Other ideas for stress management could be organising catch-ups with your friends, planning occasions to look forward to, creating study sessions with course mates to help each other out, and the list goes on!

Talk to a friend

Keeping your worries to yourself may seem like the easier option, but it can be so beneficial to talk to someone! Your friends may be dealing with stress too and taking time together to unwind and chat can help you all to have a happier university experience!

University is also a great time to meet some new friends, and joining a society is fantastic way to meet new people! You can try something new, meet people from all different courses and discover a fun activity that could help you destress. You can browse all our current societies on our Society A-Z page here or, if you don’t find one you’re interested in, you can even create your own!