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Top tips for finding a part-time job at uni

Looking for a part-time job? Here are some of our top tips for to help you find the right role!

Working a part-time job while studying at university is a great way to build your skills and to make some money that will help you stretch your budget!

While there are lots of opportunities out there, job-hunting can feel a bit overwhelming. We’ve compiled a handful of our top tips for to help you find the right part-time job!

Check MyHub and Beckett Careers

If you’re searching for a local and student-friendly job, Beckett Careers is a great first stop! They can offer loads of super useful support – from helping you find part-time jobs or even internships to applying for roles.

You can start your job hunt on MyHub here or get in touch with Beckett Careers for additional support or advice. https://myhub.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/students/login https://www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/enhancing-employability/finding-a-job/

Routinely check job apps

Alongside MyHub, job apps like LinkedIn and Indeed are regularly updated with lots of new job listings around Leeds. By setting a weekly reminder of your phone, it’ll help you remember to check, and you may catch some exciting new opportunities right when they’ve been listed or find some last-minute gems.

In the lead up to the Christmas season, many retail shops will be hiring extra seasonal workers to keep up with the holiday demand. These roles can be a great way to earn some extra cash and get hours before Winter Break without a long-term commitment.

Drop off your CV in person

Searching apps and websites can be a great way to look through lots of different job listings quickly and in all different areas but dropping into a shop or local business in person can be really valuable too!

Make sure your CV up to date, take a little walking tour of local shops and restaurants and ask if anyone is hiring or if you can leave your CV. It gives you the chance to meet potential employers in person too!

Balance your studies

While there are some great benefits to working alongside your studies, it’s important to make sure you have a good balance with your course as well. When you’re looking for jobs or even planning your shift hours, think about your academic timetable and how many hours you’ll need for studying.

Are you considering a role that has late hours? Keep in mind that working super late could affect your academic performance, including your ability to focus in those early morning lectures.