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LBSU at Leeds Pride 2022

with Kitty Lambert & Gigi Meyer, your LGB+ & Trans Community Leaders.


Leeds Pride 2022, with Kitty Lambert & Gigi Meyer, your LGB+ & Trans Community Leaders

A large group of Leeds Beckett Students' Union staff members can be seen on Lower Brigatte smiling and waving for the camera. There are lots of rainbow pride flags hanging from nearby buildings and being waved by the people in the photo. The staff are wearing white t-shirts with the letters "LBSU Pride" written on them in large purple letters. Some of the staff are also wearing colourful rainbow jackets and skirts with their pride shirts. The rainbow freedom bridge can be seen in the background of the image, as well as a bright blue sky. The sun is shining brightly and many of the staff have sunglasses on.

Leeds Pride Parade 2022 - By Kitty Lambert

Hey everyone! I’m Kitty, the current LGB+ Community Leader.

My role is to ensure that all students who self-identify as any marginalised romantic/sexual orientation or gender identity feel seen, respected, and celebrated; and what better way to celebrate than to participate in the Leeds Pride Parade on Sunday 7th August?

As representatives of the Leeds Beckett Student’s Union, we were given an opportunity to walk in the Parade, departing from Cookridge Street and concluding at Lower Briggate.

The sun was shining and the streets were bustling with thousands of supporters of the community. I was overwhelmed by the turnout and felt love from every single person that came down to cheer us along (I teared up multiple times for sure!)

I felt very proud to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but also felt proud to be part of LBSU, as it is such an accepting and inclusive organisation. I had such a positive experience and I am hoping to keep up this energy and morale when term starts again.

Working closely with Gigi, the Trans Community Leader, we are excited to spread the love and continue to empower the LGBTQ+ students of Leeds Beckett University.



Pride-a Coladas: Not Gettin’ Caught In The Rain - By Gigi Meyer

Amidst the huge crowd, armed with an iced coffee and a Trans Pride badge pinned onto my black maxi dress- Leeds Pride 2022 was a warm, public celebration of everything our community has fought for longer than any of us could ever imagine.

Proudly with my Leeds Beckett friends and colleagues, we marched through the heart of the city to a call-and-response of cheers and admiration - from both those marching and spectating, for all those that only fifty years ago would be residing in a prison cell, simply for being who they are.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the first UK Gay Pride Rally, held in London back in 1972 with around 2000 attendees - fast forward to an estimated double of that, 4000 people for Leeds alone, all these years later.

I’ll tell you, it certainly felt like seeing the entire city out in the streets to celebrate such a landmark celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, honouring the past and solidifying acceptance and love for the future generations to come - amazing stuff!

A little about myself - I’m Gigi, a third-year Music Industries Management student; I’m also the proud Trans Student Community Leader for the Students' Union this upcoming academic year of 2022/2023.

I was honoured for the opportunity to walk alongside the University this year at Leeds Pride, and it was a dream come true after moving to Leeds from a not-so-progressive area a couple of years back.

I hope next year more of my community will join me, just as proud as I was to, and march with us shoulder-to-shoulder in unity, side by side. I truly believe this upcoming year to be one of change for the LGBTQ+ community here at the University; one of (prideful) outness, understanding, and acceptance. 

There’s much to be done from now till the next Leeds Pride Parade, and I wish to extend my love and support to our community in these times of change, to better our local community.