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Get your tenancy deposit returned

Find out what to expect at the end of a tenancy and how to raise a dispute to get your tenancy deposit back.


<p>When your tenancy contract comes to an end, you are entitled to receive a full return of your deposit unless your Landlord/Agent has good cause to make deductions.</p> <p>Your Landlord/Agent should contact you if they are proposing to make a deduction and give you the details. If you do not receive your full deposit or details of the proposed deductions within 7-10 working days, then&nbsp;you should contact them, preferably in writing.</p> <p><strong>Raising a dispute</strong></p> <p>If the full deposit is not returned and/or you are not in agreement with any proposed deductions, then you should communicate directly with the Landlord/Agent.</p> <p>If you feel that the Landlord/Agent is not behaving reasonably or is not responding to your communications, then you are free to register a dispute with the deposit scheme where your deposit is protected.</p> <p>The Landlord/Agent should have given you basic information about the protection of your deposit at the start of the tenancy including details of the scheme where your deposit is registered, contact details and the certificate reference number. You can <a href="https://www.leedsbeckettsu.co.uk/news/article/about/Protecting-your-housing-deposit/">find out which scheme your deposit is under here </a>if you are not sure or check with your landlord.</p> <p>The dispute resolution service is provided free of charge and ensures that both parties interests are considered. The outcome is binding on both sides.</p> <p>If a dispute is raised, but an outcome is agreed in the meantime&nbsp;between you and the Landlord/Agent, you can simply withdraw the dispute.</p> <p><strong>Help is at Hand</strong></p> <p>Don&rsquo;t worry if this all sounds a bit complicated.&nbsp;The Students&rsquo; Union Advice Service are here&nbsp;to support you at each stage! They can:</p> <p>&middot; Advise you on the Landlord/Agents obligations</p> <p>&middot; Assist you with the negotiations with your Landlord/Agents</p> <p>&middot; Explain &lsquo;just cause&rsquo; and the reasons why your deposit may be deducted</p> <p>&middot; Guide you through the tenancy deposit scheme procedures and your rights under the scheme</p> <p>&middot; Explain the Disputes procedure - including preparing your claim with supporting evidence</p> <p>&middot; Provide template communications</p> <p><strong>Remember</strong>: If you allow your deposit to be retained without just cause, then you may be &pound;100&rsquo;s of worse off. If raising a dispute just takes two or three hours in total, then this is a great hourly rate. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!</p> <p><strong>Contact Leeds Beckett Students&rsquo; Union Advice Service </strong>via <a href="https://www.leedsbeckettsu.co.uk/advice/">the online form here</a>&nbsp;and attach your tenancy agreement and any correspondence you have had with your landlord/agent.</p>