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Five reasons why you should join a society

From trying something new to meeting new people, check out our top five reasons why joining a society is a great idea!


Here at Leeds Beckett Students' Union, we have so many amazing societies to join! From societies for courses and schools, to societies for hobbies and recreation, there’s something for everyone at LBSU. Here are our top five reasons to get involved with a society: 

Make new friends

Societies are the best way to meet like-minded people that share your interests. Whether you’re looking for coursemates from a higher year to seek advice from or want to meet other people who share your hobby, societies can enable you to widen your social circle to an amazing degree!

Try something new

Always wanted to try something out, but never had the chance? From surfing to chess, there’s a wide variety of exciting and new experiences that the societies at LBSU can enable you to take part in.

Get connected

University societies are a great way to network and connect with people! They’re also a great opportunity to connect with people from different industries and hobby communities. 

Gain confidence

Getting out of your comfort zone may also be the motto for any university and here at Leeds Beckett there are so many groups that you can take new and exciting steps with. From something as grandiose as rock climbing or performing poetry to something as small as introducing your ideas to a new space, LBSU societies welcome everyone.

Develop skills for life

If you’ve already joined a society and want to be a bigger part of it, you can try to get elected to committee positions and gain skills that will help you after your life at Leeds Beckett. Being a team player, organisation, event planning, and coming up with ideas are all things that you can nurture while being part of a society at Leeds Beckett, and still have fun too!