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Enriching Students' Academic Journeys

Learn about what Rebecca has been up to in Semester One to improve academic community, student belonging, and connections to graduate careers.

Academic Representation
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Engaging with Students

Throughout this semester, my primary focus has revolved around identifying and evaluating projects aimed at enriching students' academic journeys. This initiative commenced by delving into module handbooks to assess their suitability and relevance to our student body. Subsequently, through a series of productive house meetings involving course representatives, we received exceptional feedback on the effectiveness of our module handbooks.

Additionally, I've been deeply involved in the A to B-Longing project in Leeds Business School, concentrating on understanding how students perceive their connection to their courses and the broader university community. This project is led by Dr Esther Pugh and we have delivered training to Course Representatives to help embed current findings on your courses to strengthen belonging and community across Leeds Beckett.


From the Classroom to the Boardroom

In collaboration with Katie Cliff from the Careers and Placements team, I've been exploring the available resources for students embarking on their journey towards securing graduate roles. Engaging with course representatives revealed an abundance of resources that students are not currently aware of that are accessible through Beckett Connect and MyHub.

Looking ahead to Semester 2, my aim is to collaborate further with the team to explore potential campaigns or initiatives, such as creating a comprehensive Graduate Guide that amplifies the student voice. This will involve conducting focus groups with Level 6 students to highlight their opinions and perspectives. Additionally, I plan to dedicate time in Semester 2 to personally experience various graduate resources, ideally alongside other course representatives. This hands-on approach aims to assess the usefulness of these resources and identify areas for improvement. This has the scope to alter how PPd modules are put together and to further connect your studies to the workplace.

Furthermore, this project has led me to delve deeper into the role of Academic Advisors, exploring how they can effectively facilitate the dissemination of information and resources to students, thereby contributing to an enhanced sense of belonging within the academic community.