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Bidding Beckett Bye: Your Academic Experience Officer Meg’s Final Updates

As her term as Academic Experience Officer comes to an end, Meg shares her top achievements throughout her time at Leeds Beckett Students' Union.


Hey, everyone! For the final time, it’s Meg, your Academic Experience Officer! 

It has been an absolute pleasure to represent you across various roles for the past five years. I have been truly humbled to have this experience and to widen my exposure to the student experience, and I have done a good job, if I do say so myself!  

So, what have I achieved?  

  • I have been the student lead on the TEF Student Submission  

  • I have set the tone for further work on sense of belonging both in the SU and University  

  • I have supported Course Reps, SARA’s and Community Leaders in their roles  

  • I have worked with the University to make graduations more accessible to disabled students – more updates will be shared on this soon 

  • I launched an accessibility toolbox #Doitmway to enable disabled students to access support in the SU and beyond

  • I have successfully lobbied the University to supply the hidden disability lanyards   

  • I have had a tremendous impact on a variety of boards and committees  

And much much more!  

I have now officially passed the baton onto to Silas Ozoya who is going to do an amazing job as your Academic Experience Officer for the next academic year. I wish you all the best in your role and cannot wait to cheer you on from the side-lines! 

That’s a wrap! What a great time I have had alongside creating memories to last me a lifetime. It has been an honour and I wish you all the best of luck in your final assignments and in your careers. Who knows maybe our paths will cross again, but until then I bid Beckett bye after five incredible years which have shaped me into the woman and teacher I will become!  

My last full working day is Wednesday 24 May so do pop and say goodbye before then! And if you would like to stay in touch you can add me on LinkedIn.  

Bye for now,