Online 'Social' Event - LBU Law Distance Learners Society

Wednesday 03 April 2024

7:30pm - 9pm


An online 'social' event, for any member of the law school.

The LBU Law Distance Learners Society are hosting their first online 'social' event tonight, 3rd April, on Teams at 7.30PM BST. We would like to extend the invitation to all members of the law school, whether distance learning students, or otherwise.


This is an informal event - the committee hope that this event will get us together 'in person-ish' and be a bit of fun.

We thought it would be great to start with some lighthearted, get-to-know each other questions on the night, and wanted to give you a sneak preview and chance to prep. So, here goes...  


Tell us a bit about yourselves. Your lives? Your background? Why law? Then the fun bit:
Q1. Who was your childhood crush?
Q2. If you could be anything, what would it be? (if qualifications/ experience/etc were no object)
Q3. Best song of all time?
Q4. What is your nickname?


Q5. Write 3 statements about yourself... 2 have to be true and 1 a lie.... And we, the jury, will then have to try and guess the lie...??...

It's a bit of a giggle, with no pressure - come prepared with your best poker face! Beverages of your choice encouraged!


We look forward to seeing you!

The Committee, LBU Law Distance Learners Society

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Law Distance Learners

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