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Student Communities

BAME community

What are Student Communities?

Over the last two years, we’ve been making changes to the way we listen to your ideas and opinions, making it easier for you to make your voices heard and influence change.

One of the key things you told us was that you wanted us to empower different communities of students to self-organise and make decisions on the things that matter most to them. Our Student Communities exist to allow all these groups to discuss issues and propose ideas on how they can be tackled, shaping the campaigning agenda of the Students’ Union.

The Students’ Union will support Student Communities to develop their own campaigns, projects, and initiatives to help create positive change wherever it is needed.

Student Communities are open to any student who self-defines as being part of the community they wish to join.



Each Community will elect a Convenor, whose role will be to lead and coordinate the work of the Community, helping to facilitate discussion and to act as the key point of contact to work closely with the Union’s Full-time Officers and staff. This will be a paid role, with Convenors receiving remuneration for the time they dedicate to the role. Nominations for most Convenor roles are open now.

Representatives & Ambassadors

Some Student Communities have additional voluntary roles available to support an excellent student experience at Leeds Beckett University.

The Postgraduate Research (PGR) Students' Community elects a PGR Students' Representative in each School and the Community Convenor is elected from and by these Representatives. Nominations for PGR Students' Representatives are open now.

The Black, Asian & Minoritised Ethnicity Students' Community is supported by a team of Ambassadors. These roles open for applications and are appointed during the Summer months.

Click on each of the Communities below to find further information on the current available roles.