Page:Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2018-21



Leeds Beckett Students’ Union (LBSU) exists to support an excellent student experience at Leeds Beckett University and our vision is ‘to make your lives better!’ We are a charity with a diverse and active membership who choose to study at Leeds Beckett University from across the UK and the world. Across the SU, our staff and our members are already carrying out some great work on equality, diversity and inclusion. 

We do not tolerate racist, anti-Semitic, islamophobic, fascist, sexist, xenophobic, able-ist, LGBT-phobic or ageist views expressed within our spaces and consider these views, by their very nature to be threatening and intimidating to our members and our values.

We strive to ensure that equality, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) underpins all of our activities and creates an open-minded and safe environment where our employees and members feel valued, motivated and fairly treated. We are committed to playing our part in the development of a fairer society where diversity is respected, valued and celebrated and where people do not face discrimination, prejudice and oppression but can flourish and fulfil their potential.


Strategic Themes


  • We will develop an ED&I Steering Group that will embed and support equality, diversity and inclusion activity across all areas of the Students’ Union.

  • We will promote a culture based on the principles of respect, dignity and inclusion to ensure that all our stakeholders feel safe and able to participate in our activities.

  • We will ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities and contributes to fostering an inclusive learning, working and social environment.


  • We will ensure that we communicate what ED&I means to LBSU and develop opportunities for our stakeholders to improve their understanding of its importance.

  • We will empower the Equality Campaigns to take control of the decisions that affect them and develop them into an effective mechanism for gaining insight into the needs of our diverse membership.

  • We will ensure that the Students’ Union is visible as a vehicle for meaningful and intersectional change and take steps to communicate the impact our work has for our members.


  • We will campaign to liberate the curriculum and work to tackle the attainment gap to ensure that all of our members receive a diverse and equitable academic experience.

  • We will prioritise our work around student mental health ensuring that our approach is inclusive of our diverse membership and the different impacts poor mental health can have on them.

  • We will build strong relationships with and encourage collaboration between diverse student and community groups that share our commitment to ED&I, providing opportunities to learn from each other.


  • We will work to ensure that our staff teams and student leadership structures are visibly representative of our membership and the community in which we work.

  • We will act to break down physical, practical, mental and social barriers to engagement with LBSU.

  • We will develop strong and visible systems for reporting and acting upon discrimination and hate incidents to ensure that our stakeholders feel safe and supported at University and in the workplace.



Strategic Enablers


We will be an organisation that will lead by example, that is open to being challenged and our leadership will drive forward this strategy.


Our staff team will have access to the knowledge, training and development required to support the diverse needs of our membership.


We will commit sufficient levels of resource and support required to fulfil the aims of this strategy.


Managing Performance

The Board of Trustees delegates responsibility for delivery of this strategy to the Chief Executive and senior management team of LBSU.

We will develop an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion steering group, comprised of members from across the different areas of the Students’ Union, to drive, embed and support the delivery of this strategy. The steering group will deliver an annual progress report to the Board of Trustees and the Student Council.

We will prioritise the repositioning of our work towards equality, diversity and inclusion from something undertaken by a number of committed individuals and mainstream it by embedding equality, diversity and inclusion across all areas of our work.

To support this, and detail how LBSU will achieve this strategy, an annual ED&I action plan will be developed in consultation with all departments of the Students’ Union to coincide with the creation of the Operational Plan and Annual Appraisal Objectives.

Ambitious key performance indicators will be set that enable LBSU to monitor our performance against our aims and we will seek regular and annual feedback from our stakeholders to compare results and track progress.


Action Plan

Upon adoption of this strategy, an action plan that details how we will achieve this strategy will be developed in consultation with all departments of the Students’ Union to coincide with the creation of the Operational Plan and Annual Appraisal Objectives. The action plan will be made available soon.