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Children and Young People
Do you have experience in creating content for various media platforms and have an interest in working with members of the Zi ...
Do you love buying and selling goods on eBay? Have you got experience of using eBay and customer service?
Do you have an eye for detail and an interest in clothes, antiques or furniture? Have you got experience of working in a char ...
Do you take pride in your work and have a keen eye for detail? Want to help make the Emmaus Leeds community building shine? ...
Do you have culinary skills you want to share with those less fortunate? Do you know good healthy eating tips you want to sh ...
Arts and Culture
Do you have an interest in the arts and hospitality? Fancy volunteering at an arts based hostel in Leeds?
Once a week
Elderly Care
Reading to people with dementia is a way to not only keep them company but has also been proven to stimulate memories and con ...
Animals and Wildlife
Are you passionate about the great outdoors and want to find a way to help preserve nature and create a shareable place for t ...
Give up a night of comfort to experience the issues raised by those that sleep on the streets of Leeds but in a safe & secure ...


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