Maturity of Baby Sounds// VOLUNTEER FROM HOME

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Did you know that, well before saying real words, children produce very different sounds with their mouths? Already at birth, they cry and cry. We all know these sounds! A little later, they also begin to babble - that is, produce sounds closer to those of adult speech. These are the ones that interest us the most.

We know roughly that these sounds get more complex as the baby grows older, but we don't know whether this happens at similar rates regardless of the language the baby is learning. We are also interested in seeing whether babbling is different in infants that go on to have a medical diagnosis.

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Required Role

Maturity of Baby Sounds// VOLUNTEER FROM HOME

Key responsibilities

Volunteers like you label these clips, we can look at what proportion of the clips contain speech sounds rather than purely emotional sounds (crying and laughing). And we can also look at what proportion of those speech sounds are "complex" (what we call canonical in the field guide).

Desirable Skills

  • Listening
  • Research

Skill to gain

  • Listening
  • Problem solving
  • Research
  • Reviewing and evaluation

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Start Date: 25-01-2021

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