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by Jess Carrier 01 October 2019, 14:52

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Access to safe reproductive healthcare is a fundamental human right, and students should always be entitled to make decisions about their own bodies that could affect their university experience. Many students in Northern Ireland are facing the burden and challenge of accessing abortions due to laws that permit abortion as a crime. Thousands of people face extortionate costs and unsafe practices every day just to access a basic healthcare right.

Although access to reproductive healthcare in England is much more progressive, the process for getting an abortion is still a long, drawn out process that places unnecessary stresses on individuals. Cuts to the NHS mean clinics are under resourced and overstretched.

Access to reproductive healthcare is about giving pregnant people the right to choose what happens to their bodies. As a Union, LBSU should adopt a pro-choice stance that believes in access to free, safe and accessible abortion. LBSU should firmly stand with and support pro-choice activism on campus, and encourage participation in the national NUS campaign to lobby Government to make exceptions for students from Northern Ireland who are studying in other parts of the UK to have access to abortion on the NHS. 


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    Student Voice   wrote, 26-11-2019 - 11:43

    This idea was approved for action at the Equality & Diversity Forum on Wednesday 13 October 2019 and the Students' Union will now work with students to try and make this happen. Updates on progress towards achieving this idea will be posted here.

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