In your role, there are certain responsibilities and duties that you are expected to fulfil, all with the aim of ensuring that with your help, we can make your student experience the best it can be. These are listed below:

  • To work collaboratively with the Course Director and members of the Course Team, peers on your course and the Students’ Union in undertaking your responsibilities as a Course Representative.
  • To attend the introductory training provided by the Students’ Union.
  • To participate in discussions at School Forums and Course Committees where possible, prepared with feedback from students on your course.
  • To attend meetings with your Course Director or other members of the Course Team, e.g. Level Leader, to discuss and to agree the most effective ways to channel feedback to the Course Team and receive updates.
  • To engage in open, two way communications with all of your cohort, collecting feedback and relaying any key messages from Course or School level meetings or from the SU. It’s important to make yourself known to your fellow course mates so they know who is representing their views and feedback.
  • To give meaningful and constructive input to develop and enhance the course and student experience.
  • To maintain a regular dialogue with the Course Director and the SU, keeping them updated on your progress, any significant developments or issues, and attending one-to-one meetings where possible.
  • To undertake these duties impartially, inclusively and respectfully representing the full range of views of your course.
  • To understand that if you are not able to fulfil these duties to the best of your capabilities, you may be asked to stand down from the role.


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