Course Representatives work on behalf of you to ensure that the student experience is as good as possible. Throughout the year Course Reps might achieve wins, these are successes that vary in size, but show how important the role of the Course Representative is.

Impact in 2017/18
  • Course Trips / Experiences - During most School Forums last year, Media, Communication, Cultures students raised that they would like more trips and experiences as part of the course. Over the summer the new Course Director, Dan Kilvington, acted upon this feedback to make this happen and within the first couple of weeks of University, Level 4 students now go on an overnight trip to the Lake District (the price of which is included in Course Fees) for various team building activities, and fun course related lectures, talks and games. The Course team also organised a trip to Bradford Media Museum for all levels, followed by a Media Pub Quiz at the Dry Dock later that day with the intention of helping the each level of the course to better integrate. A big thank you to Dan Kilvington for making this happen!

  • Room Changes - I was able to change a room in less than a day. One of the students was unhappy with the room as it was stuffy, dark and felt very uninspirational. As a result I reached out to who I thought could help and thankfully was able to put us in a much brighter and better room.

  • Helping Fellow StudentsA student was facing some issues with our course. She didn't want to be on the course anymore and was wondering if it was too late to change courses. I contacted the, course directer, and told him about her concerns. He told me to let the student know to go and discuss it with him so i gave her the location of his office and email. She was happy with that.

  • Greater Communication - We have recently been experiencing a lack of communication issues between students on our course and the management. Therefore, myself and the course leader discussed and have created a Whatsapp group to enable easy communication between all of us. So far, it's been a success and the feedback has been great!

  • More Books More anatomy and physiology books have been purchased by the library for Speech, Language and Hearing.

Impact in 2016/17
  • Library Resources - After numerous students gave feedback at a school forum regarding the amount of books available in the library, Laurence Morris, one of the Academic Librarians for the School of Health and Social Sciences, ordered nearly £2500's worth of books within an hour of the meeting! The Students’ Union would like to thank Laurence on behalf of all the students in his School.

  • Cultural Studies & Humanities Ball - Thanks to the numerous course reps and students that asked, the School of Cultural Studies & Humanities will be hosting an end of year ball for all students within the school. This is something that reps have been highlighting for a couple of years, and will help build the sense of community within the school. Well done to all those students and course reps who have ensured this became a reality.

  • Refurbishment of Cultural Studies & Humanities Social Space - The social space of the School of Cultural Studies & Humanities on the second floor of Broadcasting Place is to be refurbished, thanks to numerous comments about the need for it. Proposals include installing a small library of core textbooks that students would be able to access, and more computers to work on. The Students’ Union would like to thank Dean of School Andrew Cooper for his support for the project. Interested students are urged to get involved by contacting Lizzy Cartwright, the School Rep.

Impact in 2015/16

Below are some of the Course Rep wins from the last academic year. It is important to share the successes of our Course Reps so you are aware of the great work they are doing.

  • Cloth Hall Court - Course Reps worked to resolve an issue regarding the use of the Cloth Hall Court building at the beginning of the 2015/16 academic year. Though classes were taught there, there were no food provisions and the heating was left off. As a result students had to sit in their jackets and coats during the winter months, and go to the train station if they wanted food. Course Reps worked with senior Faculty members and the Students’ Union to secure both food provisions and heating in winter months, immediately increasing the satisfaction of students who were taught in the building.

  • Exam Time - Course Reps expressed concern that when exams begin at 9AM there is added pressure on the students, due to them often having to commute long distances. This was raised at several School Forums during the 2015/16 academic year and the Deans and heads of departments have agreed to look at moving exam start times from 9 to 9:30 or 10.

  • Transport - Health and Social Sciences Course Reps raised concerns over how much information is available regarding transport to their exams. The Dean agreed to look at this and endeavoured to provide more information regarding transport in the forthcoming exam periods.

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