If you can’t find the society you want on our A-Z list, why not set up a society of your own?

  1. You need to make sure the society doesn’t already exist. Check out our current societies.

  2. Fill out the Society Application Pack by clicking the button below - You will need to find two other people, besides yourself to take up leadership roles such as the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

  3. The Student Activities Team will have a read through and check your application is ready to progress to the next step. Someone from the team will be in touch with any follow up questions and/or move you onto the next step.

  4. All Committee Leaders will need to join the Society before the Society is fully recognised as a Society.

  5. All Committee Leaders to complete in person or online training before you officially become and LBSU Society.

  6. Your Society is up and running!


Society Committee Roles

Three current students must make up the leadership of the society.
Below are a few popular examples of roles you may want to build into your Society:

President: Acting as the principal officer, spokesperson for the society and key contact with Leeds Beckett Students’ Union, the President leads and co-ordinates the Society Committee and membership. They shall be responsible for the planning, organizing and chairing of committee & general meetings and for advocating the interests of the Society in accordance with its aims and objectives.

Secretary: The Secretary’s prime function is to ensure the running of the Society is to the highest standards, keep accurate records and ensure communication is appropriate within the committee and the entire society membership.

Treasurer: The Treasurer oversees and monitors the financial affairs of the Society, ensuring that Leeds Beckett Students’ Union Financial Guidelines are adhered to.

If you have any questions about the above process or would prefer to meet with someone from the team, please get in touch as we are happy to meet with you - societies@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

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