Hello, I'm Blessing Odususi, your Welfare Officer at Leeds Beckett Students' Union. I'm here to represent you and promote the general wellbeing of our students!

I am currently a postgraduate student of Management and International Business, and I am your Welfare Officer for the 2023/24 academic year. As a student, it was important that every aspect of my life was considered and that it was not just my academic life that mattered. As your Welfare Officer, I am focused on your overall wellbeing.

I ran for this role because I passionately believe in having fun and learning. I enforce the fact that we, as students, are humans and individuals and not just a number or percentage or figure of the school's statistics, and therefore should be heard. 

I held various leadership positions back in my home country Nigeria, both in my career and academic roles. I believe these experiences helped shaped me to getting into this position, and I hope to do a great job!

Please do not neglect your physical or mental health while pursuing your academic degrees. I would love to see our campus filled with happy and blissful students who do not have everything figured out, but feel safe, feel seen and feel welcomed at Leeds Beckett despite whatever situations they are going through!

My parting words to you:

Your academic life is important to me

Your social life is important to me

Your career life is important to me

Your financial life is important to me

Your wellbeing is important to me

I hope we work together effectively and passionately to make our desired changes,