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February LGB+ Community Leader Update

LGBT Community Leader Update
Portrait of Kitty Lambert, LGB+ Community Leader.

This February has been Pride month, and we have been busy celebrating here at Leeds Beckett. Earlier in the month, I hosted a tote bag making session at the Students' Union and I got to meet so many lovely members of the community. We had great fun painting and crafting, and also discussed how we can increase the visibility of our LGBTQ+ students here on campus. I gained so many ideas, and found that many students wanted to attend more similar events, so that they could meet more like-minded people. This event was so beneficial to the community, as it really brought us together, and gave people a chance to voice their opinions.

I have also done some research and created some posts that will be uploaded by the Student Union’s Instagram account shortly. They highlight important information, such as why Pride month is hosted in February, and also identifies key activists, such as Lisa Power MBE. She was a co-chair of Stonewall in 1989, and became the first open gay person to speak at the United Nations. I have also compiled some information about the history of LGBT+ in Leeds, which details facts about Briggate and the New Penny pub! If you would like to read more about this, please keep an eye out on the SU’s Instagram @LeedsBeckettSU. 

This research is beneficial to the LGBT+ Community, as it will help students to acknowledge how far we have come in terms of gay and trans rights, and will hopefully give a sense of hope, belonging and celebration.

Kitty x


If you have any comments or questions for Kitty, please leave them in the comments section below or email studentvoice@leedsbeckett.ac.uk