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International Students' Community Leader Update: October

Read on to hear about what your International Community Leader has been working on this month!

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International Students' Community Leader Update: October 

Hey, this is Sanafatima Patel, your International Students’ Community Leader. 

So at the start of the term in September we had Fresher's Week which was amazing! 

I met a lot of international students and as they were new, I introduced them to the International Students Community, the Students’ Union and different communities at the university, and provided information about what benefits they can get and how we work to help them. 

I have seen lot of students were having problems with their accommodation (finding a roommate, appropriate budget etc.) and with jobs so I’ve tried my best to sort their problems by giving them contacts of the careers and accommodation team, as well as introducing them to the student advice team, welcome desk staff and the library facilities.  

We also had a community mixer event where we got chance to meet different community members, played games and had some refreshments. I spoke with members about their life in Leeds and tried to help them by sharing information and experience. 

I had also tried to share some plans and ideas with the other Community Leaders and Officers, so we are currently planning activity to improve the students’ lives for the better and specially for international students who may be new to the country, hoping to create an environment where all feel included as Leeds Beckett is for everyone. 

I am happy to hear from students that they are getting help from the community and that information which has been shared is helpful and improving their life at university.  

Coming up: we are planning to arrange some amazing events and workshops – please let us know if you have ideas of anything that you would like to see! You can message us at studentvoice@leedsbeckett.ac.uk.  


Sanafatima Patel
8:12pm on 9 Nov 22 https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_TOLFGbBwRySeW0xBFdL3oQ You can attend this
Ruchit Kalpeshkumar Panchiwala
6:28pm on 9 Nov 22 How you ended up solving (trying your best) problems of accommodation? Does the problem still persist? If yes then important to note that it has been 2 months since Sept 22 intake begun. Thanks.
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