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Looking after your mental health at university

It's University Mental Health Day and we're here with some top tips for looking after yourself at uni!


It's University Mental Health Day and to celebrate, we're sharing some of our top tips for looking after your mental health and well-being at university. Studying can be overwhelming, but there are little things you can do to help manage stress while you're a student!

Have a Routine

University in general can be quite overwhelming, so it’s important to establish a routine to help you balance your work-life balance. Being consistent and sticking to a schedule for studying, exercising, and relaxing can provide a sense of structure and stability, making life feel less stressful.

Maintaining a good study schedule

It’s never a good feeling when all your assignments are due at the last minute. Making sure you use your day effectively by revising and keeping on top of deadlines and assessments will help you in the long run, especially during exam season. Try using a planner or digital calendar and break up tasks into smaller, more manageable steps.

Access Support

Supporting your mental health is one of Leeds Beckett's top priorities, which is why they have the Student Wellbeing Team to help advise support you during your time here. They can help with any number of struggles, including academic stress, low mood and anxiety, or any other personal problems that you may be struggling with. The team can also help you access Specialist Mentor support if you need it. Don’t be afraid to reach out and complete the self-referral form to book an appointment, or if you feel like you need to speak to someone sooner and are concerned about your health or wellbeing, it’s important to contact your GP or NHS 111 for advice.

Friends and Family

Staying connected with your friends and family is so important, especially if you’re going through a tough time. Taking the time to socialise and surrounding yourself with the people you love can help boost your mood and make you feel less alone. Don’t isolate yourself and make sure you stay in touch. Joining a club or society can also help you connect with like-minded people at uni and will help broaden your support network.

Joining a society is a great way to expand your social and support network, as well as gain skills and try something new. There are lots of different groups on campus and you can browse the whole list here

Volunteering is another great way to make new friends and get involved in the wider community. You can learn about all the opportunities available here

There are also some resources available online, such as Mindwell, Students Against Depression and Student Space. Have a look here for more info.

Stress Management Techniques

Exploring different stress management techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, and journaling could provide a relief for stress and anxiety. Leeds Beckett has several events and societies such as Mindful Mondays and the Yoga Society that could help introduce you to a more mindful-based approach.