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Success in Academic Representation

Find out what successes Mary has had this semester in representing students at LBU.

Academic Representation
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As the semester ends, I am pleased to present a comprehensive report on the activities and achievements during this period. This semester has been marked by significant strides in student engagement, successful collaborations, and innovative initiatives that have enhanced the student experience. I have had the privilege of working closely with Jessica Linton, Silas OZOYA, Steven Burgess, and Dhruv Dev on the mentorship program for students and have seen the positive impact of our efforts.

Mentorship Program for Students

Our mentorship program, designed to provide students with guidance and support throughout their academic journey, has been a cornerstone of our initiatives this semester. Working with Jess, Silas, Steven, and Dhruv, we have been able to develop a robust framework that matches students with mentors who can offer valuable insights and advice.

Another key success this semester is structured approach to induction. Traditionally, induction sessions were held at the beginning of the semester, which often resulted in information overload for students. My proposal to split the induction into three different sessions throughout the semester was implemented and has proven to be highly effective. This staggered approach has allowed students to absorb information in manageable chunks and seek guidance as they progress through their studies. The Business School has now adopted this model, further validating its effectiveness.

Engagement with Academic Staff

One of my major goals this semester was to foster a deeper understanding among academic staff about the Student Union and our initiatives. Through a series of meetings and presentations, I have worked diligently to inform academic staff about our role and the various programs we offer to support students.

These efforts have included detailed discussions about the mentorship program. I emphasized how academic staff can play a pivotal role in promoting this program to their students. By encouraging students to participate, faculty members can help ensure that students receive the support they need to succeed academically and personally. The response from the academic staff has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their willingness to advocate for the mentorship program within their departments.

Success Stories and Impact

The impact of this initiatives has been reflected in the feedback from both students and academic staff. Students who attended the three inductions shared about confidence and clarity in their academic pursuits. Academic staff members have also reported a better understanding of the Student Union's role and have shown increased collaboration in our activities. This enhanced relationship has led to more faculty members actively participating in Student Union events and promoting our programs to students.


This semester has been incredibly productive and fulfilling. The mentorship program, new induction format, has been a standout success, and the increased engagement with academic staff has laid a strong foundation for future collaborations. Working with Jess, Silas, Steven, and Dhruv has been a rewarding experience, and I am proud of what we have achieved together.

Moving forward, I hope successes are achieved by the Student Union, exploring new ways to support and engage students, and strengthening partnerships with academic staff. The positive outcomes of this semester have set a high standard, and I am confident that LBSU will continue to make significant strides in the semesters to come.