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Statement on the Proposed Visa Rule Changes

Read LBSU's statement on the Government's proposed changes to immigration policy.


Last Monday evening the Home Secretary announced a radical series of changes to immigration policy in an effort to cut net migration levels.  

The Government’s plan includes reviewing the post-study Graduate visa, hiking the minimum salary for a skilled worker visa from £26,200 to £38,700 and increasing the minimum income for family visas. Health and care workers will no longer be able to bring family dependants to the UK.  

We are very concerned about the measures the Government has taken and the impact this will have on our international students and graduates from Leeds Beckett. We are a global community of students, and we are disappointed in the current Government’s commitment to create an increasingly hostile immigration framework.  

 Leeds Beckett Students’ Union is working closely with the University to monitor the situation and make sure adequate support is in place for any students who are affected by the news.  

Leeds Beckett Students’ Union will continue to work with both our students and other students’ unions around the country to raise the concerns of international students and lobby for policies in their best interest.  

Can I still apply for a post-study Graduate Visa?  

While the Government has committed to a review of the post-study Graduate visa, no changes have been proposed or announced. This visa is still available to students following the successful completion of their BA, MA and PhD courses at recognised Higher Education Institutes.  

We still believe that it is unlikely that the Graduate Immigration Visa will be shortened. In the event that this changes, it is unlikely to impact any current students.  

If there is an update on the terms of the Graduate Immigration Route that may impact you, you can get in touch with the University’s International Team. You can find more information on International Student Support on the University’s?webpage.? 

Other changes to student visas 

As previously announced, the annual charge for visa applicants to use the NHS will rise from £624 to £1,035. From January 2024, new students will no longer be allowed to bring family members with them to study in the UK unless they are enrolled on a post-graduate research course.  

These changes should not affect students who are already studying on a course at Leeds Beckett on a student visa. 

Only consume information from trusted sources  

Please don’t cause yourself any unnecessary stress by consuming information that has not been confirmed or distributed by the University, from the Home Office directly or from trusted news outlets.  

Get in touch if you need support  

If you have any questions about your visa, you can get in touch with the University’s International Team. You can find more information on International Student Support on the University’s?webpage.? 

For more support and advice, you can get in touch with the Students’ Union Advice Service here (https://form.jotform.com/200774825828060). They offer confidential and independent advice on a range of topics, including academic, financial and housing advice.  


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