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Finding summer work opportunities in Leeds

Check out our top tips for finding part-time work opportunities in Leeds this summer!

Finding part-time work in Leeds during the summer can be a great way to gain experience, earn some money and enhance your CV. 

We've put together some of our top tips for finding your next job to help you out this summer! Check them out: 

1. Explore local jobs on Indeed

If you're not sure where to start job hunting take a look at Indeed. It's easy to use and you can even set up a CV within the website! With a long list of jobs from customer service to skill-specific roles, you're sure to find something this summer. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, stay keen and you'll find something in no time!

2. Find an internship or vacation scheme

Not only is it important to find work this summer, but it's important to set yourself up for after graduation too. Finding work within the industry you're interested in whilst being a student may prove difficult, but there's always a way in somewhere. Ask your lecturers about any internships or placements, vacation schemes or short-term employment that may pop up. Take a look at some more advice here.

3. Get some advice from the Careers Team at Leeds Beckett

Leeds Beckett University's Careers Service offers excellent support to students looking for part-time work. Not only do they offer exclusive listings of part-time job opportunities available for students, but also provide valuable resources such as CV workshops, interview prep sessions and job search strategies. If you're unsure where to start in the job hunt, the Careers Team is here to give any advice you may need. Find out more and get in touch here!

4. Working at Leeds Beckett 

Another great option is to look for part-time work directly at Leeds Beckett University or even here at the Students' Union. The university often hires students for various roles such as administrative assistants, library staff or event coordinators. These positions not only offer flexible hours that fit around your studies but also provide a supportive and inclusive working environment. LBSU also offers part-time student roles. See what 's available and apply here