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Book Your Accommodation Now!

Are you an International student coming to Leeds Beckett in January? Looking for accommodation in Leeds? Book now with Kirkstall Brewery!


Are you an International student coming to Leeds Beckett in January? 

Looking for accommodation here in Leeds? In preparation for our expected intake of International students this January, Leeds Beckett has re-opened their Kirkstall Brewery Halls of residence, with 1100 rooms available to book now! Particularly in the current economic climate, acquiring housing can be difficult at the best of times. With the cost of living crisis the UK is currently facing, housing and accommodation are becoming increasingly harder to secure for everyone.

We would therefore like to encourage those of you who will be joining Leeds Beckett in January to book your accomodation as soon as possible, rather than waiting until your arrival here in Leeds. By booking a room now, you'll be safe in the knowledge that you have secured housing before coming to the UK, meaning that you can start getting to know your new home and enjoy what Leeds has to offer as soon as you arrive, without the stress of looking for accommodation!

The Kirkstall Brewery Halls are situated just a short bus or taxi journey outside of Leeds city center in the scenic suburb of Kirkstall, have good transport links to both the Leeds Beckett City & Headingley campuses, and have lots of local amenities on offer, such as shops, cafes, restaurants, recreational activities and more! You won't have to worry about your neighbours either, as you'll be surrounded by lots of your fellow, like-minded students!

The halls are available for International postgrad students and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Both ensuite and non-ensuite rooms are available, as well as various different priced options to suit your budget. Water, electric, and insurance bills are included in the price of your room, and you'll benefit from a reception, a secure access system, and 24-hour security for your safety and welfare.

Find out more about the Kirkstall Brewery Halls of residence, and book your room soon here!

We look forward to meeting you soon!