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Best vegan & veggie food in Leeds

Always wanted to try the whole veggie thing? In this article, we'll guide your hungry stomach around the best vegan and veggie joints in Leeds.

LeedsThe Hive
Plate with a burger and curly fries from The Hive

Always wanted to try the whole veggie thing? In this article, we'll guide your hungry stomach around the best vegan and veggie joints in Leeds:


Cantina is Leeds first all-vegan eatery! Their dishes take inspiration from all over the world, ranging from the Chickpea Curry Burger to the 3 Bean Bowl . Their menu is incredibly inventive! If you have space for dessert, get their deep-fried Oreos or treat yourself to the cake of the day ?? Check out their full menu here

Rola Wala

Rola Wala is based in Trinity Kitchen. They make all their food from scratch using high quality and super fresh ingredients! Their take on delicious Indian street food features a wide range of vegan and veggie options. This is THE PLACE to go if you're craving a healthy, comforting and decadent meal. 

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is an authentic Japanese restaurant in Leeds that has an extensive vegetarian menu! Get their classic and delicious ramen bowls, OR if you’re feeling adventurous you should try their vegan chicken wings ?? The decor is incredible and lets you travel for a few hours without leaving Leeds. They also have a very special member of staff, a Shiba Inu who loves to be a good boi and make sure you're food is great…


Hummus is one of the most popular vegan delicacies on the planet, and Humpit knows how to do it better than anyone else… They have a branch at Leeds University Union. It's truly the best lunch spot. You can order a hummus bowl, loaded pita or salad bowl for a very good price! We recommend adding the mushrooms & onions ??


Eco-Soup is always open from 12:00-14:00 on Tuesdays at Headingley campus and Wednesdays at City Campus. They partner with ‘The Real Junkfood Project’ in order to create healthy, nutritious and vegan meals using surplus ingredients. An added bonus is that it’s on a Pay As You Feel basis – perfect for your student wallet.

The Hive

If you’re looking for something on campus, we got you covered ?? Head to The Hive, our Students' Union bar at both campuses. There is a large menu filled with amazing vegan & veggie options! Get a ridiculously cheap and delicious breakfast (cheaper than Spoons guys!) or try our famous veggie combo with jalapeño poppers and breaded mushrooms. We also offer the classic chilli jacket potato or some vegan chicken nuggets. It's nice to try all the new vegan options but you really can't go wrong with those classics ??

What are your favourite vegan & veggie eateries in Leeds? Let us know by getting in touch with us at @leedsbeckettsu.


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