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Volunteer for Scouts – it's Good for You!

Scouts is where young people aged 4-18 make new friends, have amazing adventures, and learn new skills.


Scouts is where young people aged 4-18 make new friends, have amazing adventures, and learn new skills. Every week in halls across the country, teams of our amazing volunteers come together to give young people the skills they need for school, college, university, the job interview, and the big dreams: the skills they need for life.

Everyone is welcome to join – we have groups all over Leeds and Wakefield that meet in places such as village halls, churches, schools and mosques. We’re always led by our values: integrity, respect, care, belief, and co-operation.

What would you be doing?

Whatever your interests are, there is something in Scouts for you to get involved with. All our activities are run by volunteers who really do change lives.

Most volunteers work directly with young people aged 6-18 through our Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer sections. You’d be helping with tasks such as:

  • Welcoming young people and families to sessions
  • Helping to plan and lead activities
  • Making sure everyone’s safe, supported, included and having fun
  • Getting involved with days out, camps and expeditions
  • Sharing your skills and learning new ones – from coding to cake decorating to canoeing

Want to be involved but not sure about working directly with young people? That’s fine! Some of the ways you could help are:

  • Spreading the word about Scouts to attract new members
  • Helping with admin, fundraising, finances, operations or governance

What’s in it for you?

Volunteering with Scouts is a great way to give back to the community you’re living in while at university. You’ll get the chance to meet new people, make friends, and see the difference you’re making in young peoples’ lives.

But volunteering isn’t just about giving back – it goes both ways. It improves your wellbeing, gives you skills and experience that looks great on your CV, and can be a much-needed break from essays and revision. You’ll be joining a worldwide movement and with that comes opportunities for you to volunteer not just in Leeds, but across the country and even internationally.

Hours spent volunteering also count towards your Volunteering Certificate or Duke of Edinburgh Award, so if this is something you are thinking about working towards, why not include Scouts in that?

How does this fit into being a student?

Volunteering with Scouts is flexible, so we can make it work around you and your course. We have groups all over Leeds and Wakefield that all meet on different nights of the week (some even at the weekend!) so can find an opportunity that fits your schedule.

You can also get involved with the Leeds Student Scout and Guide Organisation and meet other students that are members of Scouting.

We love working with student volunteers as you bring a fresh pair of eyes to the table and always have new ideas to bring. We believe in helping people to develop their skills whatever their age and we will support you to do this every step of the way.


If this sounds fun, please get in touch for an informal chat about how you can get involved with Scouts. We have opportunities on LBSU’s website or you can send an email to Elizabeth at elizabeth.wells@Scouts.org.uk.