UNI Pen-Pals

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It's time to go old-school and connect with a friend via handwritten letters. Whether it's kpop, sci-fi, mean girls or rocks that you want to talk about, we will pair you up with a pen pal of similar interests and get the ball rolling. You can remain anonymous or exchange contact info once your develop a deeper relation.

We aim to meet up weekly, either at uni or a cafe, and complete our 'reply' letters, so bring along your washi tape, stickers and anything else laying around on your desk! There is No need to purchase stamps or give your address out to a stranger, we will act as the 'courier' and hand out letters during each session. Membership is free and as a thank you for joining, we will gift you some stationery/pen palling equipment on your birthday, to keep you going!


Committee Roles:


Husna Mahmood


Ghafran Elforjani


Ritika Thakkar

Registered in England Company Number: 7103465
Registered Charity Number: 1139314