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The Islamic Society aims to raise awareness about Islam, and support both Muslims and Non-Muslims within the university. All of our events are open for everyone to attend. This year we plan to raise awareness towards various issues. As well, we will be hosting lectures, classes, meals, sports activities, and social gatherings. Joining this society gives you a chance to partake in the previous mentioned. It also means that you will be given discounted rates at all of our events and socials. Once joined, you may Email: to be added on to our email list for weekly newsletters. You may also be added onto our WhatsApp groups.
Jumuah (Friday prayer) takes place at 1.30pm (1.15 or 1pm during winter) at the prayer room in Leslie silver (above the bar) and at the grange (room 19) at Headingley campus.






Sherry Iqbal

Vice President  Hina Ismail



Hamza Kotia


If you ould like to find out more about any of our events please contact us:






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Registered Charity Number: 1139314