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Welcome to CrimSoc ! 


Studying a course in the Social Sciences department? Have a general interest in Crime or simply like to binge-watch crime documentaries? This society is for you! 

Without the need to participate in any sport you can now attend the Beckett beloved Wednesday socials! 

The society aims to encourage students to make new friends as we are aware that on a course so big it is often hard to make new friendships. 

Join now to become a part of something big and fun. Promise we are not all about books and social research methods. 

If that hasn't sold it to you we are in the works of organising a CrimSoc Ball so get your dresses and suits ready because it is going to be messy ;) (without the need to arrest anyone hopefully).



President Currently Recruiting
Secretary Currently Recruiting!
Treasurer Zoe Brooke


We're currently recruiting a president and secretary for the society. Are you interested or know someone that would be a great fit for the role?

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Registered in England Company Number: 7103465
Registered Charity Number: 1139314