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Leeds Beckett Palestinian society aims to create a space where like-minded students who share solidarity with the Palestinian cause as well as wider social issues can meet to share creative and political energy to push forward with the global campaign to free Palestine.


What to expect:


- Active Campaigns and updates on local action you can participate in

- Exciting events including speakers, trips and film screenings

- Weekly meetings with updates on the situation in Palestine and the Middle East

- Involvement with refugee awareness week

- A close relationship with Leeds University Pal Soc and Leeds Palestinian Film Festival

- Fun socials


We value all of our member's contribution to the society, you don't have to be an expert on the issue to join! We hope it will be a space where we can learn off each other, share experiences and be active in promoting social change. Everyone is welcome!


Weekly Meetings, Wednesday, 3-4pm, Rose Bowl Lecture theatre A




We're currently recruiting for:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Interested in taking a committee leadership role or know someone that would be perfect for the job?


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Registered in England Company Number: 7103465
Registered Charity Number: 1139314